Orquesta La Sonora @ BOP STOP

When May 26, 2017, 8:00pm - 10:30pm
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Orquesta La Sonora @ BOP STOP

Orquesta La Sonora is the #1 mambo dance band in Cleveland so be sure to bring your dancing shoes! Orquesta, comprised of ten members, has performed as part of the Concrete Concerts series as well as in many venues around the city. If you like the music of Eddie Palmieri, Johnny Pacheco, Tito Puente, and The Mambo Legends then you do not want to miss this performance.


  • Jerry Rodriguez - Congas
  • Hector Luis Rivera - Bass Player
  • Jackson Laskey - Piano
  • Donnie Torres - Timbales
  • Dan DiMarino - Trombone
  • Nolan Plunkett - Trombone
  • Felipe Britto - Trombone
  • Max Brady - Trombone
  • Willie Acosta - Bongos
  • Anthony Perez - Vocalist

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