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Adult Brass Ensemble (Spring 2017)

Brass players are invited to regain and further develop ensemble playing skills with other adult brass musicians. Ensembles may range from trios to brass choirs. Musicians will be placed in appropriate heterogeneous and homogeneous ensembles based on experience. Prerequisite: Must be able to read music. Sight-reading ability is helpful. Beginners are welcome if they also enroll in private lessons.

Adult Cello Ensemble (Spring 2017)

This informal group meets every other week to focus on ensemble playing in a fun, low-key atmosphere. It can serve as a first ensemble experience for the intermediate cellist or as a casual reading opportunity for the more experienced player. Prerequisite: Intermediate skill level or above.

Adult Vocal Jazz Ensemble (Spring 2017)

Adults will have fun exploring popular and Jazz vocal harmonies in a small, tight-knit singing group. Participants will have the opportunity to work on background vocals, blending techniques, harmonizing, and more. The ensemble will perform both a cappella and with a band. Prerequisite: Audition.

Amati Chamber Orchestra (Spring 2017)

The Amati Chamber Orchestra (formerly our Advanced Chamber Orchestra) is designed to provide musicians the opportunity to further develop their collaborating with other advanced players, along with performing at prominent venues, such as Severance Hall. Open (by audition) to experienced students who play string instruments (violin, viola, cello, bass).

Beginning Chamber Orchestra (Spring 2017)

Beginning Chamber Orchestra is an ensemble experience designed for beginner string players. Students will have the opportunity to learn basic note reading and ensemble playing skills.

Bop Stop Jam Workshop

Adult instrumentalists are invited to learn how to play with a rhythm section, performing jazz, rock, and blues music. Musicians will work together on basic tenets of informal music making, like trading fours and taking solos. Preregistration is required. Participants must be able to play at an intermediate level. For more information, call (216) 421-5806 xt. 100.

Brass Ensemble (Spring 2017)

Brass players are invited to further develop brass ensemble playing skills. This will augment the brass sectionals of the J@MS program, though outside students are welcome and encouraged to join. Ensembles may range from trios to brass choirs. Repertoire will cover all styles. (Note: Brass students in the J@MS program do NOT need to separately enroll in this course.)

Cello Ensemble (Spring 2017)

This group explores cello literature that includes original works and arrangements of Renaissance vocal pieces, Baroque gems, music from the Classical and Romantic eras, and all styles of contemporary music. Prerequisite: 2 octave scales and an intermediate skill level, or permission of the instructor.

Centennial Strings Ensemble and/or Package (Spring 2017)

Centennial Strings is a premiere ensemble that encompasses a wide variety of American musical forms of string playing, including classical, folk, bluegrass, Jazz, blues, rock, and hip-hop. America is a musical melting pot with traditions that are derived from the European classical, Latin, and African traditions. Centennial Strings presents musicians the opportunity to perform from each of these musical heritages and creatively express themselves through authentic improvisation and arranging. Students can choose to enroll in the ensemble only or the Centennial Strings Package, which runs from 10am-1:30pm, and will allow musicians to further concentrate on their musical skills through collaboration with the musicians in the J@MS combos and a theory/improvisation class, taught by our J@MS faculty at The Music Settlement.

Cleveland BoyChoir (Spring 2017)

Boys ages 10-15 will have the opportunity to learn about the choral tradition and focus on American music while meeting other youth from around the Greater Cleveland area. This popular ensemble performs around the city several times per year. Financial Aid and scholarships are available.

Flautrageous Flute Choir (Spring 2017)

This "flautrageous" flute choir is for individuals who have a flute and want to have fun while learning to play better. A diverse repertoire of arrangements and original works provide the opportunity to try all members of the flute family, from piccolo to bass flute. Prerequisite: Intermediate or Advanced skill level

Guitar Ensemble (Spring 2017)

In guitar ensemble, the fundamentals of music will be stressed while playing various styles of guitar, which include: rock, pop, jazz, classical. Students should have at least 1 year guitar experience through private lessons or group or band classes. Students do not necessarily need to be able to read music.

Junior Chamber Orchestra (Spring 2017)

This ensemble is designed for younger players who may be musically advanced for their age. Junior Chamber Orchestra prepares younger musicians for full participation in our Amati Chamber Orchestra through instruction in ensemble playing and musicality.

Magnolia Flute Ensemble (Spring 2017)

The Magnolia Flute Ensemble is for beginning flutists who want to have fun in a small ensemble setting. Open to adults and seniors who are beginning their journey on the flute. Interested? Contact Jane Berkner, conductor, at Prerequisites: Knowledge of C, F, G, Bb, and Eb major scales (at least once octave) and ability to read sheet music with basic rhythmic notation. Contact Jane Berkner to audition.

Musical Mix and Mingle (2016-2017)

String players, wind players, and pianists are invited to enjoy an afternoon of music making with other adult amateur chamber musicians. Musicians are placed in trios, quartets and quintets as appropriate, and music is distributed in advance to allow for home practice. Musicians work together on chamber Sundays, with ensemble coaches available. At the end of the afternoon, players share experiences over refreshments. Preregistration is required. Participants must be able to read music and play well enough to be placed in an ensemble. Sight-reading ability is required and will be needed in case of a repertoire change. For information, call (216) 421-5806 xt. 100. For information on chamber coaching for your existing ensemble, please contact Linda White at Notes: In rare cases we may not be able to place you in a suitable ensemble. If so, you will be notified shortly after the registration deadline and the fee will be refunded. Registration by the deadline is required in order to place musicians into trios, quartets and quintets as appropriate. Music will be distributed prior to chamber day to allow for practice at home.

Orchestra for Adults (Spring 2017)

This orchestra is geared towards beginning and intermediate adults of all ages who would like to play in a group setting. Previous ensemble experience is not necessary. This is a great opportunity for those who may have played in school to get back in the game!

Percussion Ensemble (Spring 2017)

The Music Settlement's Percussion Ensemble can best be described as a high-energy and exciting musical experience. This ensemble utilizes traditional and non-traditional instruments, from mallet instruments and drums, to trash cans, to parts of the body. Prerequisite: Intermediate skill level or above.

Rock & Blues Academy at The Music Settlement (Spring 2017)

The Rock & Blues Academy at The Music Settlement is a performance program designed for young beginning, intermediate and advanced musicians who wish to further explore the rock and blues genres. Available for the following instruments: bass (electric preferred), guitar (electric preferred), piano, drums, and voice. The Academy runs on Saturdays from 1:30pm - 3:30pm and includes two components: theory/history class, and a rock group rehearsal. (Musicians will be placed in a rock/blues group based on age and experience.) Each semester will culminate in a high energy performance at a local live music venue. Prerequisites: Must have your own instrument and be able to tune it. Guitarists (electric guitars preferred) must know open chords. Keyboard players should know major and minor root position chords. Drummers and bass players should know basic grooves.

Small Chamber Ensemble (Spring 2017)

Chamber music is an opportunity for students to hone their musical skills in a social setting that promotes teamwork, leadership, and individual responsibility. Participating students will be placed in small groups, ranging from trio to sextet, according to age and ability. These chamber ensembles will explore the range of chamber music repertoire in a way that provides technical and artistic growth. Students will be coached by members of prominent Cleveland-based chamber ensembles, including The Almeda Trio, No Exit, and Pizzicato 4. There will be three main chamber recitals throughout the year that will showcase the progress of each group. These will occur in late fall, early spring, and at the end of the school year. Scholarship auditions for Honors Ensembles will be held in June and August. For more information, contact Megan Constantine at

Teen Vocal Jazz Ensemble & Package (Spring 2017)

Young vocalists will have the opportunity to take advantage of our premiere J@MS program. Musicians can either enroll in the ensemble only (12:30-1:30), or also enjoy the J@MS immersion program (9am-1:30pm), which includes: Jazz history class, a small combo, and a theory/improvisation course. Teens will have fun exploring popular and Jazz vocal harmonies in a small, tight-knit singing group. Students will have the opportunity to work on background vocals, blending techniques, harmonizing, and more. Prerequisite: Audition

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