How long is your waiting list?

Music therapy is so expensive. We can’t afford it…

I don’t want individual music therapy. I want a music therapy group for my loved one.

When are your programming periods?

What's the enrollment process?

The first step in the intake and enrollment process is to get your name, your family member’s name, or the individual you are responsible for onto our waiting list. This is accomplished by sending us a completed Intake Form (link to Intake Form). Although we have a 36-week school year session and a 6-week summer session, we often have openings in our schedule which occur at any time during the year. We schedule new registrants based upon the date we receive the completed Intake Form, documented information regarding preferred days and start times, and therapist experience related to the individual’s diagnosis, needs, and abilities. When we call or e-mail you to offer a session, you will be given a limited window in which to respond, often between 1 to three days. Please be ready to respond at your earliest convenience, as we will move on to another individual on the wait list if we do not hear from you by the deadline you are given. Once you accept an offer of a day and time within our schedule and a plan for financing music therapy services has been developed, an assessment date and time will be scheduled. Therapeutic programming and finalized decisions for music therapy services are determined after an assessment is conducted. The assessment provides an evaluation of the strengths and needs of the individual as observed in the music therapy setting and collected in the intake process. An initial treatment plan with selected therapeutic targets for ongoing music therapy sessions is begun at this time. Music Therapy sessions will generally start two weeks after the assessment has been concluded, so that the Assessment and Initial Treatment Plan may be developed and written.

What information do I need to provide to you?

Do you take medical insurance?

Do you take any 3rd party reimbursement?

Who can benefit from music therapy?

May I request a specific music therapist?

What is the philosophy of the Center for Music Therapy at The Music Settlement?

I can’t bring my loved one or my group to The Music Settlement. Do you send music therapists out into the community?

My family member wants to play an instrument. Can you give lessons in music therapy?

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