How much do private lessons cost?

How is the Center for Music responding to COVID-19? What will programming options look like for the 2020 - 2021 school year?

How are things different during the COVID-19 "stay-at-home" order?

What precautions does TMS take to reduce the risk of illness and/or infection?

Do you rent out your facility for parties?

What makes the TMS preschool and full-day school unique?

What is your policy on separation?

How can I be involved in my child's school experience?

Are there any other expenses during the year besides tuition?

Is my child required to be toilet-trained before he or she can attend Preschool or Day School at TMS?

Which accreditations does the school maintain?

Can I pay for lessons weekly as I go?

Do you take older, beginning adults?

Is your facility handicap accessible, including the bathrooms? I would like to bring members of my group home to a show but they are in wheelchairs.

What instruments and styles are taught at The Music Settlement?

How long is your waiting list?

When are your programming periods?

What's the enrollment process?

May I request a specific music therapist?

I can’t bring my loved one or my group to The Music Settlement. Do you send music therapists out into the community?

Tell me about your Kindergarten!

Does The Music Settlement offer dance classes?

Music therapy is so expensive. We can’t afford it…

I don’t want individual music therapy. I want a music therapy group for my loved one.

What information do I need to provide to you?

Do you take medical insurance?

Do you take any 3rd party reimbursement?

Who can benefit from music therapy?

What is the philosophy of the Center for Music Therapy at The Music Settlement?

My family member wants to play an instrument. Can you give lessons in music therapy?

How can I be involved in my child's experience?

What kind of parking is available at your location?

Do you offer financial aid?

Do you accept donations of musical instruments?

Do you offer discounts to seniors?

How old do children have to be to participate in Center for Early Childhood programs?

Can I leave a bequest to The Music Settlement in my will?

Do you accept matching gifts from employers?

Do you accept gifts of stock?

What are the objectives of The Music Settlement's Center for Early Childhood?

What makes up a typical day for TMS Preschoolers and Day Schoolers?

What is the general education background of your staff?

What is the turnover rate of your staff?

How do you discipline your students?

Do you believe in and provide for multicultural experiences for children?

Do you accept school vouchers for payment?

Are there any exceptions for age requirements for preschool and day school?

What are the hours for your main front office?

Who was Almeda Adams?

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