The Music Settlement’s partners are organizations that enter into a mutually beneficial business relationship with TMS that will strengthen our mission and potentially fill unique, unmet community needs.

The following criteria have been adopted by The Music Settlement as guidelines for evaluating potential partners.

Compatible Motivation
The mission, vision, and values of our partners must be compatible with The Music Settlement’s mission: to create a community where artistic expression belongs to everyone by serving those who seek personal growth through the arts.

The Music Settlement’s partners must have demonstrated credibility such that entering into a partnership will not damage or undermine TMS’s reputation. Partners who enter into agreements that involve teaching or other on-campus activities must submit to background checks, helping to ensure the continued safety of our campus, employees, and constituents.

Mutual Benefit
The arrangement must benefit both The Music Settlement and the partner organization.

TMS’s partners must have a solid financial base and a positive record when it comes to fulfilling financial and other resource commitments.

Partner-Review Process
If your organization meets the above qualifications, we encourage you to complete this form:

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