Camp Create: Creative Expression for Kids age 6-12

Posted on 04/25/18 by Amanda in Classes, Camps, & Programs

Is your child inventive and original? A budding artist, performer, writer, storyteller, dancer, or singer? Looking for a way to channel their creative energies in a day camp format? This summer, The Music Settlement offers Camp... read more

TMS Piano Instructor Drene Ivy: 'Born to Play'

Posted on 04/20/18 by Guest in Music Education

By Bernae DySart “I feel that I was born to play. My father got a piano when I was 3 or 4 years old and it was electrifying, and I knew.” Born and raised in Cleveland, Drene... read more

Rock & Popular Music Camp: A Modern Music Experience!

Posted on 03/15/18 by Alfredo in Classes, Camps, & Programs

Hello! My name is Alfredo Guerrieri, and I am the department head for The Music Settlement's Rock & Pop Academy. The Rock & Popular Music Camp is unlike any other camp around and an awesome... read more

Maximizing Inclusion Camp Success for Kids with Disabilities

Posted on 03/09/18 by Lynn B. in Classes, Camps, & Programs

If your child or teen has a disability, but the camp they want to attend isn’t specifically geared toward that disability, how can parents ensure that it will be a positive camp experience? Anne Reed, MT-BC,... read more

Piano Camp: Immerse Yourself in the Keys

Posted on 03/09/18 by Lynn B. in Classes, Camps, & Programs

The Music Settlement’s Piano Camp is a two-week immersion into piano performance, history, listening, and theory all around this year’s theme of "Famous Musicians and their Teachers." For each of Piano Camp’s 18 years, the students... read more

'Make Way for TMS Ohio City'

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Ohio City campus coming Fall 2018

Detroit & W. 25th in progress!