Aidan Plank and the New Melodies @ BOP STOP

When: Jun 08, 2016, 8:00pm - 11:00pm

Aidan Plank and the New Melodies @ BOP STOP

The New Melodies is an ensemble featuring new and emerging jazz musicians who work, live, and study in the Cleveland area. With players moving to the region and multiple venues opening in recent years, the Northeast Ohio music scene is stregthening. This ensemble focuses on giving exposure and experience to these new players as well as highlighting their immense talent and potential.

The ensemble also explores playing contrafact melodies as a means towards jazz improvisation and exploration. Bassist Aidan Plank serves as the ensembles director. Please come out and support these fine young musicians in their debut performance at the Bop Stop.

The present lineup for the New Melodies is:

  • Zach Resnick- Trumpet
  • Matt Segall- Tenor Saxophone
  • Brent Hamker- Guitar
  • Langston Maxwell- Drums
  • Aidan Plank- Double Bass
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