The Big Nasty @ BOP STOP

When: Jul 27, 2016, 8:00pm - 11:00pm

The Big Nasty @ BOP STOP

Formed in Youngstown, Ohio, The Big Nasty is an eleven-person ensemble that performs the works of composer-pianist Clay Colley. The music aims to be a true synthesis of all styles, and to incorporate other artistic mediums as well. Their debut album, Koba, is a concept album based entirely on characters drawn from literature. This work will be performed in its entirety at their Bop Stop performance, along with newer compositions. From wild guitar solos and melodic tuba to beautiful vocals and the use of musíque concrete, The Big Nasty will surely provide a diverse musical experience with something for every listener.


  • Clay Colley: Piano
  • Carolyn Baer: Vocals
  • Bryan Teeters: Drum Set/Vibes/auxiliary percussion
  • Ed Davis: Drum Set/Auxiliary percussion
  • John Anthony: Guitar
  • Eric Finkelstein: Bass
  • Kyle O’Donnell: Trumpet
  • Colton Randall: Trombone
  • Tony Spicer: Alto Sax
  • Stephen Harvey: Tenor Sax
  • Travis Beatty: Sousaphone
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