The NEO Jazz Collective @ BOP STOP

When: Aug 13, 2018, 7:00pm - 9:30pm

The NEO Jazz Collective @ BOP STOP

The NEO Jazz Collective was created by young jazz players from across Northeast Ohio who decided to come together and create a big band. The pieces performed by the group include traditional hard swinging big band standards and arrangements, grooving hip hop charts, and original compositions from musicians in the group, as well as established local artists in the area.

The vision for this group is to allow young musicians in the area to work with others outside of their respective college. Doing this not only creates connections with members of the group, but allows for a transfer of knowledge which helps every member grow.

This student led, energetic, up and coming group of musicians come from colleges in the Northeast Ohio area consisting of Kent State University, Akron University, Cleveland State University, Youngstown State University, and The Oberlin Conservatory of Music.


Eric Vasquez, Xavier Dimoff, Max Schlenk, Joe Kardos, Trey Lawrence, Andrew Wegerski, Michael Bauer, Tyler Reymond, Wil Myers, Herbie Hunkele, Leicester Stovell, Jonathan McAvinue, Justin Randall, Mark Butto, Evan Baker, Emily Laycock, Emma Donkin, and Stephen Kuhn

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