Cleveland Uncommon Sound Project: Aaron Hynds & Patchwork @ BOP STOP

When: Nov 04, 2018, 7:30pm - 10:00pm

Cleveland Uncommon Sound Project: Aaron Hynds & Patchwork @ BOP STOP

Cleveland Uncommon Sound Project kicks off their season with a new concert series! The first show features local saxophone and drum set duo, Patchwork, and Nebraska-based tubist/composer, Aaron Hynds. To learn more about CUSP, visit


About The Show:

Nebraska-based tubist/composer Aaron Hynds performs his own project, Transformer, a large-scale, evolving work for tuba and computer. This work relies on a series of improvisatory sections that are determined at the moment of performance, and which are realized in performance by the tuba and computer. It is inspired by the composer's life-long love of science fiction, and by the realization of the computer as an equal creative entity.

Patchwork, Cleveland based saxophone and drum set duo, performs an action-packed program showcasing world premieres by composers Erin Rogers, Aaron Myers-Brooks, and Cleveland-based Jeremey Poparad.

Jeremey Poparad's Crisp Otter features tightly woven syncopated rhythms and exhibits strong influences of funk and jazz fusion. Aaron Myers-Brooks' Four Grids is a set of short, contrasting movements that draw heavily from metal and math rock. Erin Rogers' Fast Love "explores matters-of-the-heart" through the use of a variety of unconventional saxophone techniques. Osnat Netzer's Zwang und Zweifel "explores the inner tumult that happens when one tries to live with a choice between two options, both of which threaten to tear body and mind to shreds." Hong-Da Chin's ...time was not passing... it was turning in a circle... examines the "history of humanity [...] that keeps repeating itself in a circle, be it honorable or vicious."

About The Performers:

Aaron Hynds is a Nebraska-based tubist, composer, and audio engineer. His work centers on the combination of electronics, improvisation, and live performance, with recent works including Robot; ready for piano+computer and Sin-eater for tuba+computer. He is the Sound Production Coordinator for the Department of Music, Theatre, and Dance at the University of Nebraska at Kearney, and is also a doctoral candidate in Contemporary Music from Bowling Green State University.

Mutually interested in exploring a wide range of contemporary genres, Noa Even and Stephen Klunk formed Patchwork, a Cleveland-based saxophone and drum set duo that collaborates with composers to build an eclectic body of new music for their unique instrumentation. The duo has been described as demonstrating "astonishingly tight ensemble" (Mike Telin, and "creating the effect of a hybrid solo instrument" (Jason Charney, I Care if You Listen). Since forming the group in 2013, Noa and Stephen have enjoyed the process of working with Osnat Netzer, Erin Rogers, Hong-Da Chin, Jonn Sokol, Eric Wubbels, Nick Didkovsky, Charlie Wilmoth, Dan Tramte, and other composers whose music reflects diverse influences and styles.

Patchwork has appeared on many college campuses, such as Peabody Conservatory, Ball State University, College-Conservatory of Music (University of Cincinnati), Washington University, and Kenyon College, where they frequently combine performances with composer readings, master classes, and presentations. Noa and Stephen primarily perform in the Rust Belt region, but have also brought their music to audiences in Toronto, Chicago, Boston, New York City, and Omaha. Patchwork's upcoming engagements include an exciting collaboration with Cleveland's No Exit New Music Ensemble at the end of 2018.

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