Randie Shane Presents A Musical Tribute To Stephen Sondheim @ BOP STOP

When: Jan 30, 2020, 7:00pm - 9:30pm

Randie Shane Presents A Musical Tribute To Stephen Sondheim @ BOP STOP

We invite you to a wonderful tribute to the great Steven Sondheim featuring vocalist Randie Shane accompanied by pianist Mark Graham.

There is something about the way music theater genius Stephen Sondheim captures the human experience; our thoughts, feelings, relationships. It’s smart, funny, heartbreaking, and musically complex, all at the same time. Perhaps this is why his music is so perfectly matched to the unique talents and sensibilities of singer/actress/storyteller, Randie Shane.

Randie’s voice is sweet, textured, versatile and evocative. She has a way with a lyric, and taps deeply into the emotional journey of a song. Before leaving the theater profession to become a Marriage and Family Therapist, she has sung in musicals and cabarets all over the country (and even in Japan), performing jazz, pop, folk and musical theatre. She has been on Broadway tours, and made an appearance with the great Cleveland Jazz Orchestra. She has performed at Nighttown, and here at The Bop Stop. But as comfortable as Randie is in all of these settings, this show feels like coming home.

If you are a fan of singers like Nancy LaMott and Jessica Molasky, this is a performance for you. And whether you love musical theater, or wonder why the hell anyone does, this is a show for you.

Mark Graham was one of those kids who was always playing piano but never really practicing his lesson, which drove his poor piano teacher to distraction but was excellent preparation for a future role as staff accompanist for faculty and students in the Baldwin Wallace music theater program since its inception in 1996. In demand as a cabaret pianist at Cain Park, Nighttown, and Bill Rudman’s Musical Theater Project, Mark also recently retired from being the BW Conservatory’s piano technician. He swears he will eventually master the tricky parts of Sondheim's songs, and now has time to play other instruments including hammered dulcimer and concertina. He and his wife Thea recently moved to Berea, where they are enjoying watching their first grandchild grow.

Video of Randie at Nighttown:

Video of Randie at The Metropolitan Room in NYC:

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