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Adult Brass Ensemble - S1

Where: University Circle
Brass players are invited to regain and further develop ensemble playing skills with other adult brass musicians. Ensembles may range from trios to brass choirs, placed by experience level. Prerequisite: Must be able to read music. Sight-reading ability is helpful. Beginners are welcome if they also enroll in private lessons.

Adult Orchestra - S1

Where: University Circle
This orchestra is geared towards advanced beginner and intermediate adults of all ages who would like to play in a group setting, and is open to string, woodwind, brass and percussion players. Previous ensemble experience is not necessary. This is a great opportunity for those who may have played previously in life to get back in the game!

Arcos Chamber Ensemble

Where: University Circle
This ensemble focuses on leadership, team building, and chamber music skills with the ultimate goal of performing as a self-directed group. Open to experienced students who play string instruments (violin, viola, cello, bass). Prerequisite: Audition. Contact Derek Snyder at or Callista Koh at to schedule an audition.

Beginning Chamber Orchestra

Where: University Circle
Beginning Chamber Orchestra is an ensemble experience designed for beginner string players (violin, viola, cello, bass). Students will have the opportunity to learn basic note reading and ensemble playing skills.

Beginning Viola da Gamba (OC) - S1

Where: Ohio City
The viola da gamba, an instrument popular throughout the Renaissance and Baroque eras, is an instrument played frequently by skilled amateurs. Students will learn the basic techniques of how to play this unique instrument, discuss its history, and participate in an ensemble of violas da gamba. All types of musicians are welcome to join - no previous string music experience required. Skill requirements: Ability to read basic sheet music. Instruments will be provided. In addition, students may sign out instruments for practice at the Ohio City campus by appointment.

Chamber Music Intensive (UC) - S1

Where: University Circle
Using their hallmark teaching techniques, the Cavani String Quartet will lead inspiring chamber music education in the Chamber Music Intensive program. Students will focus on communication, empathy, and teamwork while exploring some of the greatest music written from the past, present, and from around the world. The program includes eight hour-long coachings with a member of the Cavani String Quartet and two Masterclasses. Open to violin, cello, bass, and piano. Coaching times will be scheduled once students have been placed and ensembles are formed. To schedule placement audition please contact Catherine Cosbey at Meeting Dates: Actual meeting dates and times will be selected once groups are formed.

Champagne Flutes - (OC) S1

Where: Ohio City
Champagne Flutes is a small ensemble geared toward intermediate level adult flutists who would like to have fun playing with others and enhance their ensemble playing skills. Group members will work on tone, balance, cueing, and play a wide variety of repertoire. The alto, bass and contrabass flutes will also be used on occasion. Prerequisites: 2 and 1/2 octave range and ability to play in key signatures of up to 4 sharps and flats. If you're unsure which of our flute ensembles is right for you, please contact Linda White (LWhite@themusicsettlement) or Jane Berkner ( Please Note: If safety precautions are still needed due to the pandemic, possible alterations to the course may include moving entirely to an online platform.

Cleveland Pops Youth Orchestra - S1

Where: University Circle
In partnership with the renowned Cleveland Pops Orchestra, this ensemble nurtures and trains young musicians to reach their full artistic potential. Under the baton of Carl Topilow, students will explore the music of Broadway, Hollywood, jazz, and light classics Open to intermediate to advanced string, wind, brass, and percussion students by audition. For audition information, please contact Brianna Ferris at or call 216-765-7677.

Flautrageous Flute Choir - S1

Where: University Circle
Participants have the opportunity to play all members of the flute family, from piccolo to alto, bass, and contrabass flutes. Covering a broad range of repertoire, rehearsal and converts offer detailed instruction and fine tuning of performance skills. Prerequisite: Intermediate or Advanced skill level If you're unsure of which of our flue ensembles is right for you, please contact Linda White ( or Jane Berkner ( Please Note: If safety precautions are still needed due to the pandemic, possible alterations to the course may include breaking up into smaller groups to rehearse in separate rooms on campus, or moving to entirely online platform.

Guitar Ensemble - S1

Where: University Circle
Adults and teens at the intermediate level will grow musically and technically while performing classical repertoire in this small ensemble setting. Prerequisite: Audition. To schedule an audition, please contact Bob Gruca at

Junior Chamber Orchestra

Where: University Circle
This ensemble is designed for younger string players (violin, viola, cello, bass) who may be musically advanced for their age. Junior Chamber Orchestra prepares younger musicians for full participation in our Arcos Chamber Ensemble through instruction in ensemble playing and musicality.

Magnolia Flute Ensemble - S1

Where: University Circle
This ensemble is for beginning flutists who want to have fun in a small ensemble setting. Open to adults and seniors who are beginning or returning to their journey on the flute. Prerequisites: Knowledge of major scales up to 3 flats and 2 sharps (at least one octave) and ability to read music with basic rhythmic notation. If you're unsure which of our flute ensembles is right for you, please contact Linda White ( or Jane Berkner ( Please note: If safety precautions are still needed due to the pandemic, possible alterations to this course may include moving to an entirely online platform.

Percussion Ensemble - S1

Where: University Circle
The Music Settlement's Percussion Ensemble can best be described as a high-energy and exciting musical experience. This ensemble utilizes traditional and non-traditional instruments, from mallet instruments and drums, to trash cans and parts of the body. Prerequisite: Intermediate skill level or above.

Settlement Singers Active Adult Choir - S1

Where: University Circle
The Settlement Singers is a co-ed ensemble for active adults (55+) interested in expressing themselves through music. Designed to foster a creative and social experience, participants will practice breathing and vocal techniques, gain performance skills, learn to read rhythms and pitch patterns, and memorize text and music. Each semester course will culminate in a celebratory performance for friends, family, and the community.

TMS Klezmer Ensemble - S1

Where: University Circle
Come experience the joy of playing traditional Jewish folk tunes, and learn some Yiddish culture and history along the way in our community Klezmer band! Klezmer music is a soulful music that uses very distinctive models and scales for melodies, and improvisation. Open to strings, brass, winds, piano, and percussion. Advanced beginner skill level and up. Familiarity with D major and minor scales, 2 octaves, is recommended. Familiarity with harmonic and melodic minor scales is also helpful. Please bring your own instrument. Adults of all ages are welcome as well!


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