Music Instruction Music Instruction

Award-winning music lessons, ensembles, and group classes for aspiring musicians of all ages and skill levels — children, teens, and adults.

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Early Childhood Early Childhood

Morning & Full-Day Preschool programs with a full, child-centered curriculum of creative specials like music, science, drama, social and emotional learning, and more!

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Music Therapy Music Therapy

Established in 1966, our pioneering Center for Music Therapy (CMT) uses guided music experiences to help individuals meet life's challenges.

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Bop Stop Bop Stop

BOP STOP at The Music Settlement is Cleveland's premier listening room: an intimate, acoustically pristine performance venue with sweeping views of Lake Erie.

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Bop Stop

The Bop Stop opens one hour to showtime on evenings when there is a performance.

Coming Up an-evening-with-contemporary-trombonist-hank-bilal-bop-stop

An Evening with Contemporary Trombonist Hank Bilal @ BOP STOP

Tuesday, July 23, 2024

7:00pm - 9:00pm

Recording at BOP STOP

BOP STOP is excited to offer budget-friendly audio recording services! If you're looking to get professional level recordings done at a reasonable price, make sure to fill out the form below and we will get back to you with a free quote. 

Instruments & Gear:

Steinway B Piano
Custom 4-Piece Fortune Drum Kit with 18 Inch Bass Drum
Vintage 1969 5 Piece Rogers Drum Kit with 20 Inch Bass Drum
Complete Yamaha Hardware for Drum Sets
100 Year Old Solid Wood Flat Back Czech Upright Bass With Realist Pickup
1976 Fender Rhodes 73 Suitcase
Hammond B3 Organ
Leslie Speaker
Amp 4X10 Bass Cabinet With Ampeg B-2R Head
Fender Twin Reverb Guitar Amp
Red Knob 1980’s Fender Twin Guitar Amp


4 Shure 58’s
1 Shure 57
3 DPA 2011 Shotgun Condensers
3 AEA Nuvo N-8 Ribbon Mics
1 Telefunkin Drum Set Mic Kit
1 Shure BG 4.0 Condenser
1 Sennheiser MD 421 Dynamic Mic
1 Sennheiser MD 431 Dynamic Vocal Mic
Bartlett Bass Mic

Recording at BOP STOP

For a free quote of your recording session, please respond to the questions below and we will be in touch as soon as possible.

The Bop Stop is undoubtedly one of the most unique spaces for artists in Cleveland. Over the past several years it has become the epicenter for creative music and jazz in NEO and has almost single handedly put Cleveland back on the map for national touring jazz artists.

Anthony Taddeo ("Tadds"), drummer / composer

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