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Cleveland Comedy Festival: Jim McCue @ BOP STOP

November 21 from 7:30pm - 11:55pm

Cleveland Comedy Festival: Jim McCue @ BOP STOP

The eight annual Cleveland Comedy Festival presents two great shows both headlined by Boston Comedian and Boston Comedy Festival Founder Jim McCue.

Performing at 7:30pm are Chris Paugh, Cordell Pace, Ali Safar, JJ Liberman, Dom Pare, and Erik Cribley.

Performing at 10pm are Nancy Remley, Tim McLaughlin, John Dick Winters, Tim Cornett, Neeraj Srinivasan, and Vincent Holiday

Jim McCue: A mixture of witty “A-list material” and his ability to work off-script has earned Jim McCue the title “Boston’s King of Crowd Work!” It’s not only his height of six foot six that makes Jim stand head and shoulders above club comedians of the “stick-to-the-script” variety. Jim blends thought-provoking material and uncanny improv skills with a style that encourages audience participation. No two shows are ever the same!

Jim has been featured on Comedy Central, Comcast Comedy Spotlight, NBC’s “Last Comic Standing,” and “Roughing It” on NESN in his native New England. Jim also founded and currently runs The Boston Comedy Festival. He works in top comedy clubs in Boston, Las Vegas, New York, Dublin, Montreal and Edinburgh.

Since 1999 Jim has also entertained U.S. troops at more than 100 bases around the world. An account of his experiences performing for the troops has recently been published in Embedded Comedianwhich Jim describes as a “field manual for comedians in a war zone.”

With his unique act, Jim keeps the audience on its toes. Volleying between set material and working the crowd, Jim cracks jokes with amazing timing and whip-like precision. A unique blend that is sure to leave the audience roaring with laughter!

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Cleveland Comedy Festival: Jim McCue @ BOP STOP
Cleveland Comedy Festival: Jim McCue @ BOP STOP


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