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Allos Musica @ BOP STOP

April 12 from 8:00pm - 11:00pm

Allos Musica @ BOP STOP

Founded in 2006 and featuring clarinet and various ethnic winds, the oud (an ancient Arabic lute), voice, accordion, and percussion instruments from around the world, Allos Musica explores the intersection of divergent streams of contemporary classical, jazz, and traditional music from the Middle East and Europe. The sound created through James' compositions and the ensemble's arrangements of Arabic and European folk music blends tradition and experimentation seamlessly.

Allos Musica has performed at The Old Town School of Folk Music in Chicago, the 2013 Michigan Festival of Sacred Music, The Chicago Cultural Center, The University of Illinois, Cornell College, Northern Illinois University, Thomas Moore College, University of Wisconsin, and many other venues.

  • James Falzone: clarinet, launeddas, tin whistle, shruti box
  • Jeremiah McLane: accordion
  • Ronnie Malley: oud, harmonium, voice
  • Tim Mulvenna: hand drums and percussion

““When they launch into a tune, the time zones drop away, the centuries, too . . . flat out spectacular!”— Robert Rodi, New City

On this tour, Allos Musica is promoting its recent record, Gnossienne. More info here:

The Neshwa Quartet which is comprised of Oberlin students Giovanni Bertoni (clarinet), Raffi Boden (cello), Patrick Graney (percussion), and Amal “M” Waqar (‘ud), will perform an opening set of traditional music from the Middle East and Turkey.

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Allos Musica @ BOP STOP
Allos Musica @ BOP STOP


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