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(SOLD OUT) BRAND X: The Reunion Tour @ BOP STOP

October 22 from 8:00pm - 11:00pm

(SOLD OUT) BRAND X: The Reunion Tour @ BOP STOP

This show has sold out!

Join us on our 2 year anniversary weekend and celebrate with BRAND X -- Live in Concert!

BRAND X are recognized as true musical pioneers, as they helped create an entire musical genre and influenced a broad spectrum of musicians and bands, from Phish to Dream Theatre. They are unrivaled in their creativity, originality and approach. Their contemporaries include bands such as Weather Report, Headhunters, Mahavishnu Orchestra, and Chick Corea, all crafting a unique blend of Jazz, Rock, and Ethic influences now widely known by fans worldwide as Fusion.

The BRAND X players all have great pedigrees, playing in the past with STING, DIZZY GILLESPIE, BRIAN ENO, MIKE OLDFIELD, PHIL COLLINS, JACO PASTORIUS, MANHATTAN TRANSFER to name a few.

Many claim it’s BRAND X's unique combination of masterful chops mixed with their childlike melodies that make so special. Some musicians play from inside their own world, but John Goodsall, Percy Jones, Kenwood Dennard and the guys from BRAND X play from their own universe! REUNION: After years of rumors of a potential reunion, it is finally happening. Three of the four main members came together recently in New York, and according to sources present at the rehearsals, listening to them play was “ traveling back in time to the legendary 'Livestock' album – there was no question this was BRAND X! Their sound was uncannily identical to the BRAND X of 'Livestock' – and that in itself speaks volumes”

BOP STOP is an intimate venue where every seat has perfect sight-lines. This show is certain to sell out, so we advise you purchase your tickets well in advance.

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(SOLD OUT) BRAND X: The Reunion Tour @ BOP STOP
(SOLD OUT) BRAND X: The Reunion Tour @ BOP STOP


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