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Ohio Independent Film Festival Showcase @ BOP STOP

November 11, 6:00pm - November 12, 2:00am

Ohio Independent Film Festival Showcase @ BOP STOP

The 2016 Ohio Independent Film Festival debuts the "One Night Only" event in which only the top two features of any genre and top short films (also of any genre) per the selected theme (Focus on Women in Film) requirements will be shown at a one night event, held on Friday, November 11th. The event will be hosted by international filmmaker, Robert Banks and is presented by Independent Pictures.

Below is the schedule for the 2016 Ohio Independent Film Festival:

7:00 PM
Atousa’s Laughter (1 hr, 16 min)
Alireza Farid, Iran
Three couples are on train going to Turkey. They all have their own stories that connect them together. Shot in Tehran on a moving train over the course of five days.

Pre-Feature Short: The Bus Trip (14min)
Sarah Gampel, Israel
Hoping for political discussion and friendship during a film festival bus trip, Sarah finds the conversation stops each time the topic of Israel’s occupation of Palestine comes up. Instead, she talks to her dead father over a noisy phone line.

9:00 PM
Search Engines (1 hr 38 min)
Russell Brown, USA
Sanity and relationships are put to the test when mysterious circumstances force a family to survive the annual American Thanksgiving holiday without their cell phones.

Pre-Feature Short: Bombing (13min)
Gloria Mercer, USA
A comedian adjusts to taking care of her estranged daughter

11:15 PM Shorts Block
A Perfect You (10min)
Sue Lange, USA
A comedy about a young woman seeking perfection, who encounters disaster when a single flaw creeps in.

Go Quietly (16min)
Candice Delevante, USA
An American homeowner describes the wrath of her mortgage lender, the ominous Wells Fargo "Playbook," ambiguous Dodd Frank Act and a polarized commercial banking system during the Great Recession of 2008.

The Call from the Sea (15min)
Taylor McNulty, USA
The Bajau are an indigenous, sea nomadic group that live on top of the ocean in Indonesia. This short documentary looks at the ocean through the Bajau's eyes. 'The Call from the Sea' is a poetic, personal story about the fragile state of the ocean and the people who live closest to it.

Return to the World of Dance (7min)
Dan Boord and Luis Valdovino, USA
Return to the World of Dance is an instructional guide for those perplexed by the post-modern condition. It is the last in a series of videos made for lovers of dance, the Jane Fonda workout video, and the twister game and begs the question: “If it is big, if it is orange and if it is ugly, is it contemporary art?”

Advection (12min)
Tim Baldwin, USA
While deciding on whether they should retire or keep fighting, four B-Level superheroes get attacked by their arch enemy.

Hotwire (13min)
Erin Brown, USA
When the love of his life threatens to go overseas, Stan, a shy daydreamer, must become the hero of his action movie fantasies to win her heart.

Tickets are only available on event brite. Please click the link below:

This event is made possible with the support of:

  • oWOW! Cleveland
  • GhostLight Productions, LLC
  • Hughie's Event Production Services
  • Short. Sweet. Film Fest
  • Sebo Video Graphics
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Ohio Independent Film Festival Showcase @ BOP STOP
Ohio Independent Film Festival Showcase @ BOP STOP


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