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Award-winning music lessons, ensembles, and group classes for aspiring musicians of all ages and skill levels — children, teens, and adults.

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Morning & Full-Day Preschool programs with a full, child-centered curriculum of creative specials like music, science, drama, social and emotional learning, and more!

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Established in 1966, our pioneering Center for Music Therapy (CMT) uses guided music experiences to help individuals meet life's challenges.

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BOP STOP at The Music Settlement is Cleveland's premier listening room: an intimate, acoustically pristine performance venue with sweeping views of Lake Erie.

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Ohio Independent Film Festival Showcase @ BOP STOP

November 3 from 3:00pm - 11:55pm

Ohio Independent Film Festival Showcase @ BOP STOP

The Ohio Independent Film Festival was founded in 1993 by filmmakers looking for venues for independent work, particularly independent work from filmmakers who are not YET commercially successful.

Originally called the Off-Hollywood Flick Fest, the event gained followers by offering audiences truly independent films they wouldn't ordinarily see: films that have not been picked up for theatrical distribution. The Ohio Independent Film Festival is dedicated to freedom of expression through independent media and is programmed 100% from submissions.

The 2017 Ohio Independent Film Festival's "One Night Only" event in which only the top three features of any genre and top short films (also of any genre) will be shown at a one night event, held on Friday, November 3rd.

Schedule: One Night Only (shorts/features)

  • 3pm Doors Open
  • 4pm Lou/The Race (91:46 total)
  • 6pm Wintry Spring/Sauti (Voice) (88:63 total)
  • 8pm Bride of Frankie/Ruin Me (approx 1:50)
  • 10pm Shorts Program (approx 75 min)
  • Sisak
  • Light Sight
  • Edith
  • Annie Waits
  • This Isn't Me
  • Birthday Night
  • Panic Attack
  • Numbness
  • Wish You Were Here
  • Facons (Manners)

Tickets are $20 and can be purchased here:

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Ohio Independent Film Festival Showcase @ BOP STOP
Ohio Independent Film Festival Showcase @ BOP STOP


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