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Re:Sound 1: Zeitgeist/Transient Canvas/Semiosis/Buck McDaniel @ BOP STOP

June 7 from 7:30pm - 10:00pm

Re:Sound 1: Zeitgeist/Transient Canvas/Semiosis/Buck McDaniel @ BOP STOP

This concert is part of Re:Sound, a NEW annual 4-day new music festival that brings together and showcases pioneers in the arts with diverse programming at venues throughout Cleveland! By connecting local and visiting artists, the festival is intended to further propel the innovation and artistry flourishing in Northeast Ohio. The festival is presented by Cleveland Uncommon Sound Project. Visit for more information.

Join us for our opening concert at the Bop Stop featuring artists from Boston, St. Paul (MN), and CLEVELAND! Late night free improv jam session to follow, so bring an instrument and stick around!

$12 general/$8 students and seniors
$35 festival pass/$25 student and senior festival pass

Buy Tickets Here:

Parking info: The Bop Stop has a small lot. Otherwise, there is ample street parking in the area.


Pat O’Keefe, woodwinds
Patti Cudd, percussion
Heather Barringer, percussion
Nicola Melville, piano

Chinary Ung - Spiral XIV “Nimitta” (2016)

Chinary Ung’s music weaves together his Cambodian heritage, Western classical training and a powerful sense of purpose born of life's challenges to create music that is profoundly moving and transformative. Ung's singular approach to color, gesture, timbre and form results in a highly authentic music that sounds unlike anything else being created today. Spiral XIV "Nimitta," commissioned by Zeitgeist in 2012, incorporates vocalization, chant and Cambodian percussion instruments in addition to Zeitgeist's unique instrumentation of two percussion, clarinet and piano. One of the longest established new music groups in the country, St. Paul-based Zeitgeist commissions and presents a wide variety of new music for audiences in the Twin Cities and on tour.


Amy Advocat, bass clarinet
Matt Sharrock, marimba

Kirsten Volness - Year Without a Summer (2017)
Dan VanHassel - Epidermis (2017)

Boston-based contemporary duo Transient Canvas presents two pieces from their electroacoustic show, Wired. Kirsten Volness’ Year Without a Summer acts as commentary on current attitudes toward climate change in the U.S., and Dan VanHassel's Epidermis blurs the line between machines and musicians in a fast-paced battle to find balance. Both pieces were composed for Transient Canvas in 2017 with generous support from the Boston Foundation and the Johnstone Fund for New Music. Hailed as "superb" by the Boston Globe, and "nothing short of fabulous" by the Boston Musical Intelligencer, Transient Canvas is elevating the roles of the bass clarinet and marimba in contemporary music by commissioning new repertoire that expands their limits and explores their seemingly limitless tapestry of color.


Nicole Parks, violin
Kyra Davies, violin
Lauren Nelson, viola
Allison Drenkow, cello

Shih-Hui Chen - Fantasia on a Theme of Plum Blossoms (2007)

Boston-based Semiosis Quartet, formed in 2014, is quickly gaining a reputation as a dynamic ensemble dedicated to presenting the string quartet repertoire of the 20th and 21st centuries. In Shih-Hui Chen's 2007 string quartet, Fantasia on the Theme of Plum Blossom, a popular Nankuan (a traditional style of southern Chinese/Taiwanese music) melody serves as a basis for the work's three movements. The tune appears in various fragments throughout the piece and becomes most obvious in the third movement, where the viola imitates the sound of a pipa.


Kristine Caswelch, soprano
Kyle Kidd (Mourning a Blkstar), vocals
Dylan Glover (ITEM), vocals
Sophie Benn, cello
Buck McDaniel, piano & electronics

Buck McDaniel - Marefka Sketches (2018), plainsong (2014, rev. 2017), This Is What You Shall Do (2014, rev. 2018), Conditions of Living (2012, rev. 2017)

Composer Buck McDaniel is joined by friends and collaborators from both the contemporary music community and Cleveland’s vast indie-rock and jazz scenes in performances of his most intimate chamber works for strings, voices, piano, and electronics. His set includes the miniature chamber oratorio This is What You Shall Do (2014, Rev. 2018), setting an excerpt of Walt Whitman’s preface to Leaves of Grass; plainsong (2014, Rev. 2017) for cello and electronics (quoting Nina Simone); and the explosive electro-acoustic work Conditions of Living (2012, Rev. 2016) setting English Renaissance poetry by Ben Johnson. A former arranger for composer Nico Muhly, McDaniel’s work reflects both the heavy-influence of Muhly and his freelance career as a Catholic organist in the inner-city.

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Re:Sound 1: Zeitgeist/Transient Canvas/Semiosis/Buck McDaniel @ BOP STOP
Re:Sound 1: Zeitgeist/Transient Canvas/Semiosis/Buck McDaniel @ BOP STOP


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