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David Bowie's Deep Tracks: Your Pretty Face Is Going To Hell @ BOP STOP

January 12 from 8:00pm - 11:00pm

David Bowie's Deep Tracks: Your Pretty Face Is Going To Hell @ BOP STOP

Saturday, January 12 at 8:00PM: “David Bowie’s Deep Tracks: Your Pretty Face Is Going To Hell”

Ziggy Stardust. The Man Who Fell to Earth. Aladdin Sane. “Plastic Soul” Crooner. The Thin White Duke. Worldwide Pop Superstar.

David Bowie’s genius and massive influence on music, fashion, stagecraft and culture continues to be deeply felt, nearly three years after his death.

However, throughout his career, Bowie found a way to remain on top of the charts and ahead of the trends while staying true to his artistic calling. Ironically, many of his biggest hits were not necessarily considered his best songs. A true “album” artist, Bowie pioneered the concept album, then refined it repeatedly. And those concepts required flashy pop tunes side-by-side with deeper, richer epics. Some of Bowie’s best material served to anchor his album-length statements, but wouldn’t be the first chosen by radio or a club DJ to spin on a night out.

In tonight's session, “David Bowie’s Deep Tracks: Your Pretty Face Is Going To Hell,” Mulready will dig through Bowie’s extensive career, selecting his Deep Tracks: hidden gems, album tracks, epics and opuses that don’t usually pop up on someone’s Spotify playlist. Specially designed for the hard-core Bowie fanatic, casual fans will also discover what his followers have always known: if you like Bowie’s hits, you’re gonna love his really good songs. Along the way, we’ll have fun with trivia questions, audience interactivity and games.

Acclaimed musicologist, Bowiephile and arts impresario/advocate Thomas Mulready will host the shows. He been performing and developing productions on David Bowie, Glam Rock and The Beatles for more than five years. Since Bowie’s untimely passing in 2016, recently released box sets, books and rare behind-the-scenes footage have added significantly to the artist’s legacy and history. These elements have been incorporated into the new presentations, diving deep into all aspects and eras of the artist’s life and passing.

Tonight's show concludes with a blistering live music set by Cleveland post-glam heroes Vanity Crash, performing selections from their 2017 release Phantasmagoria, including a tune featuring Bowie's longtime accompanist, Mike Garson, alongside Bowie favorites and period classics.

(Also catch: Friday, January 11, 2019 at 8:00 p.m.: “An Evening With(out) David Bowie”)

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David Bowie's Deep Tracks: Your Pretty Face Is Going To Hell @ BOP STOP
David Bowie's Deep Tracks: Your Pretty Face Is Going To Hell @ BOP STOP


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