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Night Terrors Concert And Livestream @ BOP STOP

August 25 from 8:00pm - 9:15pm

Night Terrors Concert And Livestream @ BOP STOP

Night Terrors returns to the BOP STOP for what is to be yet another unique experience. In addition to attending in person, this concert will be livestreamed on the BOP STOP's Facebook page at showtime. Accessing the livestream is free but donations are encouraged and can be made here:

History has shown that we never know quite what to expect from a Night Terror visit. From searing guitars, ringing gongs, singing bowls, violin, sax, free jazz explorations and intricate arrangements, meditative washes, the band poses itself with no limitations.

For this exclusive performance, new things are happening.

1) A CD release. Yes, after years since the first record, Night Terrors is officially releasing a new studio album for this event.

2) New toys. A new instrument Paul will be presenting for the first time called the Aluphone, a percussive melodic instrument, you will need to hear. Plus, you know there will be new guitar effects.

Night Terrors was born out of projects Tim Mirth and Paul Stranahan had over the years that highlighted a need to scratch the itch for exploration, no rules, and no boundaries. Members of Night Terrors can be found performing a variety of creative projects in the area from avant-garde to jazz to metal and solo performances. One project in particular, Red Side Visible, just released its sophomore release "A Break from Normality" that was one of the impetus to the Night Terrors project, a mammoth undertaking that you need to hear to believe.

Join us for an exciting night of unpredictable outcomes, in the spirit of the great jazz legends of yesteryear and sounds of today.

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Night Terrors Concert And Livestream @ BOP STOP
Night Terrors Concert And Livestream @ BOP STOP


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