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M.O.M / Moutin-Omicil-Moutin @ BOP STOP

October 27 from 7:00pm - 9:00pm


M.O.M / Moutin-Omicil-Moutin @ BOP STOP

BOP STOP is thrilled to present the Cleveland debut for M.O.M. Tickets to attend this show in person are $20 each and this event will not be livestreamed. This amazing trio features:

  • Francois Moutin: acoustic bass
  • Jowee Omicil: saxophones / clarinet
  • Louis Moutin: drums

The encounter between Louis Moutin and Jowee Omicil happened in an informal manner on the shooting in Paris of Damien Chazelle’s TV show “The Eddy”. During each time out, the drummer and the saxophonist got into the game of free improvising… and of discovering over the unfolding of these impromptu duets a mutual connection which was just waiting to grow and blossom. Louis, the drummer who’s been forever leading his project in a tandem with his contrabassist twin, François, couldn’t help but inviting the latter to take part in the exchange. So was born a trio, adopting the name M.O.M., acronym for two Moutin positioned as a launch pad for an Omicil.

The trio improvises with a completely frameless approach, driven by the thread of its collective imagination and by its individualities’ mutual listening. A singular sound emerges, melodies get created on the spot. A whole world blossoms at the point of equilibrium of the three personalities. The trio’s creativity appears to flow organically, just as fluid as it is jubilant. M.O.M.’s music is altogether joyful, intense, deep and spontaneous.

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M.O.M / Moutin-Omicil-Moutin @ BOP STOP
M.O.M / Moutin-Omicil-Moutin @ BOP STOP


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