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No Exit Presents: The Genkin Philharmonic @ BOP STOP

November 4 from 8:00pm - 10:00pm


No Exit Presents: The Genkin Philharmonic @ BOP STOP

Join us for a night of musical exploration with the Genkin Philharmonic presented by No Exit. As always, No Exit’s concerts are free and open to the public. No reservation is required and donations are accepted at the door.


No Exit is thrilled to bring to Cleveland one of the most unusual, exciting, genre-defying and utterly singular groups that we’ve ever presented, the Genkin Philharmonic. With an eye towards experimentation and the unconventional, Genkin is equal parts jazz, art music, and avant-gardism. Always expect the unexpected when the Genkin Philharmonic takes the stage. Their program will include the a fresh take on works by Tom Pierson, Serge Prokofiev, Sylvester Stewart, Zane Merrit, Curtis Mayfield, Frank Zappa, Caroline Mallonee, Bela Bartok, Igor Stravinsky, Carlo Gesualdo, Yes, Radiohead, King Crimson, David Sanford, Don Van Viliet and Jimmy Hendrix, among others.


Tom Pierson

Ladoration de Veless et de Ala, Ala et Loly
Serge Prokofiev

The Beef Brigade
Andrew Rindfleisch *

Luv NHaight
Sylvester Stewart

All Outta Bubblegum
Zane Merritt *

Little Child RunninWild
Curtis Mayfield

Big Swifty
Frank Zappa

Tom Sawyer
Lee, Lifeson, Peart

Hey Yeah, Im Waiting
Caroline Mallonee *

Bela Bartok

The Black Page
Frank Zappa

Padmanabha, Baczkowski, Stravinsky, Gesualdo

TMershi Duween / Duprees Paradise
Frank Zappa

And You and I, Morning Bell, Thrak
Yes, Radiohead, King Crimson

Gumby at Large / Thaxodrone
David Sanford *

Ice Rose
Apes Ma
Dropout Boogie
Don Van Vliet

Crosstown Traffic
Third Stone from the Sun
Purple Haze
Jimi Hendrix

*denoted work commissioned by Genkin

Genkin Philharmonic Bio

The Genkin Philharmonic, a Buffalo (NY) based ten-piece electro - acoustic chamber ensemble, was founded in 2000 by Jon Nelson at The University at Buffalo (UB) Music Department. Originally conceived as a class at UB, its mission was to provide a uniquely challenging opportunity for students to study and perform contemporary music that draws on musical genres spanning rock, jazz, improvised and classical music.

The current Genkin is made up of professional players, drawing from a diverse pool of musicians in the Buffalo area, its core membership comprised of UB Faculty and alumni, the New York Philharmonic, Buffalo String Works, Fisher-Price, and The Hallwalls Arts Collective. This hybrid of top-level classical, new music, and improvising performers, offers a dizzying array of musical styles. Past engagements include mini-residencies and performances at Cleveland State University, Brandeis University, June in Buffalo, Mt. Holyoke College, East Carolina University, and the Festival Centro Historico in Mexico City. The band regularly performs at local Buffalo venues including Nietzsche’s, Hallwalls, and the Sportsmen’s Tavern.

The Band
Jon Nelson - direction, arranging, trumpet
Tim Clarke - trumpet
Isabel Ong - violin
Dalton Sharp - tenor saxophone
Steve Baczkowski - baritone saxophone / winds
Zane Merritt - guitar
Harry Graser - piano
Michael Wagner - bass / vocals
Ravi Padmanabha - percussion
Matthew Felski - drums


Since its inception, the idea behind No Exit has been to serve as an outlet for the commission and performance of contemporary avant-garde concert music. Now in our 14th season and with well over 300 commissions to date, we have strived to create exciting, meaningful and thought-provoking programs; always with the philosophy of bringing the concert hall to the community (not the other way around) and by presenting our programs in a manner which allows for our audience to really connect with the experience.

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No Exit Presents: The Genkin Philharmonic @ BOP STOP
No Exit Presents: The Genkin Philharmonic @ BOP STOP


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