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Tim Mirth's Guitar Band @ BOP STOP

July 13 from 7:00pm - 9:00pm


Tim Mirth's Guitar Band @ BOP STOP

Tim Mirth’s Guitar Band is excited to come back to perform at the Bop Stop! They will be presenting new compositions and arrangements, and perhaps even some new guitars. Tickets to this event are $15 each. This event will also be livestreamed on BOP STOP's Facebook page at showtime. Accessing the stream is free but donations are encouraged and directly support the band.

Presenting a mix of originals and re-arrangements of jazz standards, Tim Mirth's Guitar band approaches the music in an uncommon configuration. Two guitars present opportunities that highlight the vast range of the instrument. While guitar can be approached as strictly a "rhythm" instrument, it has also proven to be a very formidable solo instrument. While, often in these settings, there is a bit of "your turn, my turn" philosophy, the goal of this group is to be an integrated unit, almost like 2 hands of a piano, expanding the possibilities even more.

Compositions inspired by the work of musicians such as Kurt Rosenwinkel, Wes Montgomery, Coltrane, Keith Jarrett, Brad Mehldau, plus artists as vast as Radiohead, Wagner, Philip Glass, James Brown, and Kendrick Lamar, the band brings together jazz tradition with ears of a modern music fan.

Tim Mirth Guitar Band Consists of:

Brent Hamker on guitar
Bryan Thomas on bass
Tony Kazel on drums
Tim Mirth on guitar


Cleveland-based guitarist and composer Tim Mirth is an adventurous artist constantly seeking to create, explore, and bring energy into the world. With a seemingly limitless variety of output, it’s the deep love of jazz music and spirit that drives all his various projects. Studying classical and jazz in college and with great musicians such as Steve Adelson, Steve Aron, Jack Schantz, Rodney Jones, Peter Mazza, Bob Fraser, and Chris Crocco, Tim is constantly looking to refine his craft. It's the reaching and seeking from artists like Coltrane, Rosenwinkel, Mingus, and Dolphy that Tim constantly strives to reach, even learning other instruments from as viola to widen his perspectives.

Tim has performed through the Eastern US and Europe with a variety of groups such as Night Terrors, Stellar Regions, Red Side Visible, and the Tim Mirth trio. He’s been involved in releasing over 10 albums, including some recent recorded projects like Mirth Co-Liberation’s Wayne Shorter Tribute, Red Side Visible’s “A Break from Normality” adventurous odd-time jazz metal, and Night Terrors’ “Hear Again?” free jazz/through-composed madness. Next to release is a live record from modern jazz fusion band Stellar Region.

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Tim Mirth's Guitar Band @ BOP STOP
Tim Mirth's Guitar Band @ BOP STOP


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