Self-express & stress less: learn music!

From children as young as three years old to adults, retirees, and beyond, we help our students achieve their musical goals in a variety of settings.

Interested in private lessons, small-group lessons, singing, or orchestra opportunties? We have all that and more. You can sort all of our offerings by age here

The Center for Music is special not only for its experienced teaching faculty and the instrument lessons available, but also for the musical genres, styles, and specialties offered.

  • Our Suzuki program --the largest in Northeast Ohio-- starts children on the path to lifelong musicianship
  • Jazz @ The Music Settlement (J@MS) teaches musicianship to kids & teens, plus the theory and history behind this true American musical genre
  • Ensemble opportunities help young and mature musicians build not only skills but community by playing or singing music with others

You are never too young or too old to take music lessons at The Music Settlement. Music keeps us sharp, encourages healthy brain function, and breeds fearlessness. Call 216-428-5806 ext. 100 or register online today and start —or continue!— your musical journey. 

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