Imagery Converter @ BOP STOP

When: Mar 26, 2020, 8:00pm - 10:30pm

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Imagery Converter @ BOP STOP

This show is presented by our friends at New Ghosts!

When forming Imagery Converter Javier, Jake, Gustavo, and Ben put their usual musical abilities aside. The music invited a different set of assumptions and insights to be discovered, manifested, and woven into the band’s sound. The result is a music that is intuitive but also, seductively puzzling. As Javier stated: “it is like re-discovering musical intuition”. That is what makes listening to this band so exciting.

The new album, Ephemeral Assumptions - featuring Javier Red (piano), Jake Wark (tenor saxophone), Gustavo Cortinas (Drums) and Ben Dillinger (Bass)- is a strong collective statement of the band’s arrival. The music ranges from the earthy and physical “Stretched Particle” to the introspective and reflective “Suspension”. With strong and mysterious rhythmic hooks, this album fully engages the listener’s imagination and attention. Within the band, “a strong natural musicality is always there, while also maintaining a draw of the enigmatic”, Javier said. The album will be released this Summer 2019 with Delmark Records.

“The group plays with disciplined energy and a respect for the unexpected, always leaving room for new directions to emerge” All About Jazz. “Red’s compositions seamlessly incorporate influences of the blues, twentieth-century Western classical elements, and free jazz…. has named his quartet Imagery Converter, and the group does create sublime sonic abstractions.” Chicago Jazz Magazine

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