Music Instruction Music Instruction

Award-winning music lessons, ensembles, and group classes for aspiring musicians of all ages and skill levels — children, teens, and adults.

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Early Childhood Early Childhood

Morning & Full-Day Preschool programs with a full, child-centered curriculum of creative specials like music, science, drama, social and emotional learning, and more!

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Music Therapy Music Therapy

Established in 1966, our pioneering Center for Music Therapy (CMT) uses guided music experiences to help individuals meet life's challenges.

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Bop Stop Bop Stop

BOP STOP at The Music Settlement is Cleveland's premier listening room: an intimate, acoustically pristine performance venue with sweeping views of Lake Erie.

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Music instruction at The Music Settlement provides a basis for a lifetime of learning and musical enjoyment. Enrolling in private or group lessons, playing in an ensemble, or participating in a music history and literature course provides options for various levels of involvement. Music instruction is available Monday through Saturday - see what interests you!

What instruments and styles are taught at The Music Settlement?

We offer private instruction across a variety of instrumental styles -- including classical, jazz, rock, Klezmer, bluegrass, and more. From violin to percussion, we offer something for any age and any ability level. Visit our Private Lessons page for a complete list of instruments.

Do you offer lessons and programs for older, beginning adults?

Yes! We take students of all ages and abilities. So long as you are interested, we are happy to welcome you!

Do you have teachers who can come to my home for lessons? Or can I go to their home?

Unfortunately not. For numerous reasons, this is against our policy and not allowable. If you would prefer to have lessons at home, we do offer virtual lessons.

What does the schedule for private lessons look like? For Suzuki lessons? For ensembles and classes?

Please visit our Resources page to download our latest school year calendar. Suzuki families, please visit the Current Suzuki Students page.

How much do private lessons cost?

Here are our current private lesson rates.

1. Traditional Private Lessons:

  • Summer 2023:
    • $31.00 / 30-minute lesson
    • $46.50 / 45-minute lesson
    • $62.00 / 60-minute lesson
  • 2023 - 2024 School Year:
    • $33.00 / 30-minute lesson (for 36 weeks)
    • $49.50 / 45-minute lesson (for 36 weeks)
    • $66.00 / 60-minute lesson (for 36 weeks)

2. Suzuki Program:

  • Summer 2023:
    • $36.00 / 30-minute lesson
    • $49.50 / 45-minute lesson
    • $67.00 / 60-minute lesson
  • 2023 - 2024 School Year:
    • Suzuki Program Year 1:
      • $36.00 / 30-minute lesson (for 30 weeks)
    • Suzuki Program Year 2 & Above:
      • $40.50 / 30-minute lesson (for 30 weeks)
      • $55.50 / 45-minute lesson (for 30 weeks)
      • $75.00 / 60-minute lesson (for 30 weeks)

3. Accompaniment (if required):

  • $10.50 / 30-minute lesson

Can I pay for lessons on a weekly basis?

When you register for private lessons, you are committing to the current school year. A registration fee and down payment are required at enrollment with remaining tuition billed monthly. However, you can discontinue during the school year by submitting four weeks written notice to the business office. You can also purchase up to four trial lessons with a teacher before registering for the entire school year.

What programs are available to assist with the cost of tuition?

The Center for Music offers financial aid, hardship, and merit scholarships. We also accept third party payments, including the Ohio ACE Program and NEON funding. More information can be found on our Enrollment & Aid page.

What is your make up policy for private lessons and group programs?

Students must notify their instructor prior to any absence. No credit is given for student absences. It is at the discretion of each instructor if they will make up a student absence. Anticipated prologned absences must be reported immediately to the instructor and the Enrollment & Customer Service office.

Center for Music instructors are encouraged to reschedule any lessons or classes they miss. A dedicated make up week is built into the end of the fall and spring semesters. Students' accounts will be credited for any instructor absence that cannot be made up.

Students and instructors who are unable to attend private lessons on campus due to illness (but healthy enough to participate), inclement weather, or other circumstances may contact their instructor/students within 24 hours of the scheduled lesson and request a distance learning lesson instead. Normal make up policies apply.

The full policy can be viewed on our Resources page.

How do I switch music teachers?

To ensure a mutually beneficial relationship, students are allowed to take up to three trial lessons with a teacher prior to registration. If a student chooses to change private lesson instructors during the year, this is tantamount to a withdrawal and follow the same policy. (See FAQ "How do I withdraw?")

How do I withdraw?

In the event that a customer chooses to withdraw from any Center for Music program, they must submit written notice to the Enrollment and Customer Service (ECS) office. ECS will notify the customer of their remaining financial responsibility. Notice given to only the instructor is not considered proper notification.

Here are the withdrawal policies for our programs:

  • Private Lessons -- Notification must be made in writing to the Chair of the Center for Music prior to the start of the fourth lesson. Students are responsible for four additional weeks of tuition from that date (excluding holidays), whether or not they attend.
  • Group Classes & Ensembles -- Notification must be made in writing to the Chair of the Center for Music prior to the second meeting date. Otherwise, students are responsible for tuition through the end of the course, whether or not they attend.
  • Summer Private Lessons -- Students who withdraw before their lessons begin will receive a full refund. Once summer lessons begin, notification must be made in writing to the Chair of the Center for Music. Students are responsible for two additional weeks of tuition from that date (excluding holidays), whether or not they attend.
  • Summer Camps -- Students who withdraw prior to June 1st will receive a full refund less a $50 administrative fee. After June 1st, no refunds will be given. (Before Care, After Care, and Extended Day are 100% refundable prior to the start of camps.)

For more information, please review our Policies & Procedures, or call our Enrollment & Customer Service office at 216-421-5806 ext. 100.

Where can I find your policies and procedures?

Click here to download our latest policies and procedures.

How can I access my online account? Can I pay my bill online?

Log in to your online ACTIVE account here. If you are having trouble accessing your account, please contact our Enrollment and Customer Service at or 216-421-5806 ext. 100.

(If you cannot login, please do not create a new account. Contact our team for assistance. Thank you!)

What summer camps do you offer?

We have summer camps for students of all ages! Click here for more information about our summer camps at The Music Settlement.

The Music Settlement has been, and continues to be, an anchor for my family.

Maureen McEnery, Parent

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