“(Secrets of THE WHITE ALBUM)”: Behind The Beatles’ Masterpiece @ BOP STOP

When: Sep 22, 2018, 8:00pm - 11:30pm

“(Secrets of THE WHITE ALBUM)”: Behind The Beatles’ Masterpiece @ BOP STOP

“(secrets of the white album)”: Behind The Beatles’ Masterpiece. Presented and Directed by Thomas Mulready featuring Vanity Crash Saturday,

September 22, 2018. Album 1 at 8PM; Album 2 at 9:30PM


It all began with the Maharishi Mahesh Yogi inviting The Beatles to Bangor, Wales to take part in a conference on Transcendental Meditation in 1967. The Beatles embraced TM, renounced their use of drugs, and learned their manager Brian Epstein died of an accidental overdose back in London. They subsequently traveled to Rishikesh in the foothills of the Himalayas to study TM further with the Maharishi, Mick Jagger, Donovan, Mike Love, Mia Farrow and her sister Prudence.

While in India, they wrote most of the songs that appeared on their next album, entitled, The Beatles, but which has come to be known as The White Album after it’s conceptually plain sleeve designed by pop artist Richard Hamilton. Released as the follow-up to the critically acclaimed Sgt. Pepper’s Lonely Hearts Club Band, The White Album is generally considered one of the best albums of all time, and generally tops lists of the best double albums.

Featuring diverse and strong material throughout, classics include Revolution 1, While My Guitar Gently Weeps, Happiness Is A Warm Gun, Blackbird, Helter Skelter, Back In The U.S.S.R., Birthday, and the sound collage Revolution 9. The album is known for its wildly differing styles, overtly political lyrics, stellar songwriting by John Lennon, Paul McCartney and George Harrison (and Ringo’s first Beatles song), and the contentious atmosphere surrounding its creation, causing engineer Geoff Emerick to quit, Ringo Starr to briefly leave the band, and creating tensions that eventually led to the band’s breakup 16 months later. Jann Wenner of Rolling Stone magazine called The White Album, “the history and synthesis of Western music.”

Thomas Mulready dissects The White Album and peels back the curtain to show how the album was recorded, the stories behind the songs, and what was happening in The Beatles’ lives at time. Using rare video, photos and needle drops, the 75-minute presentation includes Q&A, trivia and many surprising insights. This presentation complements Mulready’s presentation on The Beatles’ seminal album Revolver, presented on Friday, September 21, 2018 at BOP STOP.

Acclaimed Bowiephile Thomas Mulready is known for his avant-garde non-profit festivals: Ingenuity Fest, now in it's 13th year, and the legendary Performance Art Festival, the largest festival of performance art ever. He created the CoolCleveland media network of sites & mobile apps to turn people on to the coolness of Cleveland, the location of David Bowie's first US concert. Assiduously researched and painstakingly organized, Mulready has presented his performance art in New York and Paris, and served as a Senior Research Consultant in the United Kingdom. His multimedia presentations on David Bowie, Glam and The Beatles have been presented at universities, jazz clubs and aquariums.

Vanity Crash was born on stage under hot lights in the crucible of sound and fury as the glam-punk band The Angry Inch in the rock musical Hedwig and the Angry Inch. Ever since, Vanity Crash has been dressing up and throwing down eye-popping synchronized light shows, outrageous stage costumes and provocative attitude, opening for the likes of the New York Dolls, Poison, Semi Precious Weapons, the Darkness, and Gogol Bordello. Their recent celebrated tributes to David Bowie include timeless gems performed live alongside their own incendiary originals. Vanity Crash launched their 5th original release, Phantasmagoria, in 2017, including an original track featuring David Bowie's longtime pianist, Mike Garson.


09.22.18 White Album: Saturday, September 22, 2018. Album 1 at 8:00PM; Album 2 at 9:30PM. $25.00

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