The Paul Kovac Quintet @ BOP STOP

When: Jun 21, 2019, 8:00pm - 10:30pm

The Paul Kovac Quintet @ BOP STOP

We hope you will join us as The Paul Kovac Quintet brings original & traditional Bluegrass music to the intimate BOP STOP stage. The band includes:

  • Paul Kovac - Banjo / Vocals
  • David Mayfield - Mandolin / Vocals
  • Andrew Bonnis - Double Bass / Vocals
  • Ron Bonkowski - Acoustic Guitar / Vocals
  • Christine King - Violin / Vocals

After WWII, in 1946, a group of like-minded musicians, came together to fuse together a new sound, an ensemble sound, with original compositions, and instrumental prowess, forging a new style of music, that’s embraced to this day. They borrowed from earlier traditions, injected new and powerful energy, and merged it all together to create, Bluegrass!

The exact same description could also be used to introduce BeBop. In fact, Bluegrass and Jazz share some common ground, as both styles have their roots in the Blues. Bluegrass is closer in form to Jazz, than say, Country Music. Both Bluegrass and Jazz play the head, feature solo instrumental improvisations, and revisit the head at the end.

Bluegrass Music was devised by Bill Monroe, and was defined by his classic band of 1946, which included Earl Scruggs. Original songs, deft & fast picking, harmony singing, and a driving beat ... it’s all in there.

This night’s concert of the Paul Kovac Quintet, will feature the same instrumental line up as Mr. Monroe’s band, and will perform original and traditional music from their new recording, “Ohio Bluegrass: From the Appalachian Plateau”. For this entertaining style of music, this is the best NE OH has to offer.

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