Night Terrors With Chris Bober @ BOP STOP

When: Jan 29, 2020, 8:00pm - 10:00pm

Night Terrors With Chris Bober @ BOP STOP

Night Terrors returns to BOP STOP with special guest, Chris Bober on guitar!

Night Terrors is an experimental collaboration between electric guitarist Tim Mirth and percussionist Paul Stranahan. They aim to create a template of soundscapes and movements to take one through some kind of hazy, often scary, dream. Their music morphs in and out of free form improvisations and intricate compositions by both members. They draw on their many influences from avant-garde to jazz to metal. Their instruments also allow a broad scope of sounds and textures using Tim's many electronic effects on the guitar and Paul's many gongs from China, Korea, Vietnam and Tibetan singing bowls as well as drum set.

This evening's concert will be divided up into two sets. The first set will be focusing on the compositions of both Tim and Paul and the second set will feature special guest guitarist Chris Bober to take the band into all new improvised adventures.


Tim Mirth (electric guitar) is an Akron, OH musician with a love for everything from jazz to the darkest death metal to the sweet sounds of singer songwriters. Tim began his musical journey at 10 years of age after moving to a new town with no friends. After sneaking up in the attic to play his father’s guitar he instantly became obsessed with the strung instrument and gave up any attempt at other pursuits. The music he created, created him.

Tim has performed music in various ensembles and solo performances ranging from classical guitar recitals, Jazz Metal in his band Red Side Visible, jazz fusion in Paul Stranahan’s various ensembles and modern metal band Ceterum. Tim is a constant creator and can be observed releasing new music on almost a weekly basis on his website ( . This music covers a kaleidoscope of musical styles. He has performed extensively in the North East Ohio area along with gigs in NYC, Chicago, Germany and France among others.

Composition and improvisational exploration are Tim’s main interests. He has spent many years studying harmonic and rhythmic theory to understand the noises ringing in his head. His obsession with music gets him up at 5 am every day so he can practice and work out ideas before heading to his day gig as an electrical engineer. Because of this job, Tim is free to explore his inspirations without the ramifications of reality biting at a starving musician. He creates to share his creations.

Paul Stranahan (drums, gong array, marimba, singing bowls, drums) is a percussionist, composer, and drum teacher. He's led his own groups such as the modern jazz Paul Stranahan Trio, the avant/fusion band PSI-Paul Stranahan's Insomnia and the experimental group Night Terrors. Abstract Logix, a progressive instrumental magazine, said of Paul , "As a drummer leading an ensemble with self-penned compositions Paul is occupying a mantle that few can approach." A career highlight for Paul was when his trio and Red Side Visible (an avant/metal group Paul plays drums in and composes for) were two of the four American bands out of hundreds of applicants that were selected to perform in Belfort, France at FIMU (Festival International de Musique Universitaire). He also has a double CD release appropriately called "Gong and Singing Bowl Improvisations" on the Infinite Number of Sounds Label.

Guitarist Chris Bober maintains a distinctive melodic approach that transcends style and allows him to fit into any musical situation. His playing is familiar, yet surprisingly original. Chris began playing the guitar at a young age and was obsessed with all forms of music, but particularly post-punk, jazz, and Americana. At Bowling Green State University, he studied jazz and classical guitar with Chris Buzzelli and Dan Lippel. Over the years, he has performed with a wide-range of musicians across various styles. Currently, he is a founding member of The Desert Noir, a unique, pedal steel based quartet from Cleveland, OH. The group performs dreamy versions of Jazz, Americana, and original compositions.

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