Ben Geyer Trio: Album Release @ BOP STOP

When: May 17, 2018, 7:00pm - 10:00pm

Ben Geyer Trio: Album Release @ BOP STOP

The Ben Geyer Trio will appear at BOP STOP at 7:00pm on May 17 ($12 cover) to celebrate the release of their album, The Acadian Orogeny. The album features original compositions by Geyer, a pianist, joined by Cleveland-area bassist Peter Dominguez and drummer Zaire Darden. The trio formed in Cleveland and recorded their album nearby. Please visit for more information.

The album is named for a geological mountain building event, the Acadian orogeny, which stretched roughly from New Hampshire to Kentucky. Geyer migrated along that very path the day after the title composition was completed. The album can be heard as an exploration of topographies, where each composition traces a different path and vantage point.

The Acadian Orogeny is Geyer’s second release. Scott Yanow (Los Angeles Jazz Scene) describes the first as “colorful, intriguing, and well worth hearing.”

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